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Data Center
Data Center cabling

With more than 20 years of experience in data center cabling, Kingsignal designs based on the principles of innovation, high reliability and specialization, regards the patented pre-linking KINGSIGNAL optical fiber technology as the core, and it has developed the KINGSIGNAL data center cabling solution for the data center cabling, especially the high-end cloud computing applications. The structured and humanized design philosophy adopted by the solution makes the cabling, installation and maintenance of the professional data center network easy and convenient; the modular product structure increases the product reliability and makes it easier to scale; the high-density product design saves the valuable space; the professional cabling management reduces the e n e r g y consumption of the data center; and the customized service process free users from worries . KINGSIGNAL is data center cabling solution had widely used in finance, Internet, government orgaizations , airport and university. KINGSIGNAL  leading the development of data center cabling system.

MDA:The main distribution area is the center of the structured cabling system.

HDA : The horizontal distribution areas are used for cabling to equipment, including LAN, SAN, Consoles and KVM switches.

EDA:The equipment distribution area is used for end equipment, including computer systems and communications equipment.

ER : The entrance room is the area used for the interface between the data center structured cabling system and inter-building cabling etc.

Monitor : The support areas are the computer room used for supporting the data center facility.

Administration Room : Working area for staffs.

ACAir Conditioning for temperature control.

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