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Mid Autumn Festival in Kingsignal

author:Admin time:2015/09/29

Mid Autumn Festival is a year, it is a full moon night. Mid Autumn Festival is a long history of the splendid culture of the Chinese nation, but also the history of the development of human civilization, the art treasures. As one of the traditional festivals of the Mid Autumn Festival in the hearts of the Chinese people have an indispensable position, it represents the "missing, reunion, happy, blessed". In order to carry forward the traditional culture, inheriting classical civilization, also in order to reflect the humanistic care of kingsignal, kingsignal Longgang factory on September 24, held a not broad but extraordinary significance of the Mid Autumn Festival party.

In order to better meet the daily production, does not affect the normal operation of enterprises, by leading the decision as a party without the use of conventional forms of outdoor party stage, but ingenuity in the factory canteen held, this solves the problem of space, save the cost, on the other side can make programs and show more close to life, make the entire evening was added to the sort of playful and friendly. The party from planning to hold lasted nearly a month, I will use the "four big four small" to the party:

Small stage, big article. Due to the location of the party selected in the dining hall, the venue of the restrictions determine the stage of the smaller, but the stage of the smaller scale makes the organizers of the effort to increase the cost of. Conventional outdoor stage is by professional stage to build the company full outsourcing to complete, so organizers in the part of the stage can almost do not spend the effort, will be able to create a bright shining stage, and in fact we choose party in the cafeteria stage must fabric by group at the discretion of the decoration, light is in the selected location on stage the topographic pattern of "L" type let organizers a headache, but fortunately is from printing to decoration, and then to the final venue in the efforts of all staff finally near misses completed, and the effect is relatively good, which spend the effort only participants to experience.

Small budget. Longgang factory has nearly 600 employees, and the party budget amount must be to control less than 10000, the need to buy the goods are up to dozens of, which part of the materials is unable to obtain the supplier's wholesale price and due to material uses are vendors are also different. Therefore, the procurement of goods has become the most difficult of the party. Especially in food procurement process encountered the biggest challenge, on the one hand must ensure food supply should be sufficient. On the other hand also to ensure food in the category of supply should be diversified, again to keep food on the quality of supply to health. In the event fully embodies the principle of Longgang plant concentrate to do practical things, spend a penny to do great things, in the lack of funds and manpower, overcome many difficulties, the final completion of the evening party activity of nearly 600 people, activities of the miraculous obvious and get colleagues affirmation and praise to the scene.

Little program, big art. Due to the limitations of the stage, is unable to carry on the large-scale theatrical performances; because of the bad effect of audio equipment which made instruments playing effect is poor; even because only a microphone can be used, leading to host in hosting programs need to pass the microphone; but these defects did not affect the effect of the whole party. The evening performance form diverse, involving "solo, solo, solo, solo, only say", can be described as "only five" Juxian, which brought about by the administrative department in charge of Zhen Kun Yao flute solo is the climax of the evening show scene into the masses, close to life, through popular understand part of the game again detonated the scene, occasionally interspersed in the activities of the sweepstakes equally exciting. A colleague at the end of the event, saying that "the party let everyone truly while come Hing, fun and return", I think this sentence is on the efforts of all staff's largest certainly.

Small problem, big summary. The event from the planning to the end, can be described as unite as one, these concerted efforts, but in my personal point of view seems to fly in the ointment is: because of no specially assigned seats, resulting in the raffle when difficult to timely find lottery guest, our intention is hope all the leaders can be gathered in the field, sharing the joy of reunion, and deliberately did not reflect the position, but the implementation of the effect of apparently still needs to be strengthened, we would like to the presence of several executives my sincere apologies. Activities in the future, we will draw lessons hope can in spite of being very busy for taking the time to visit the on-site activities of company leaders and employees.

Dew from tonight, the moon is the hometown of the white. Is the bridge between the bridge to look at the Mid Autumn Festival is a family reunion of it, the business enterprise to want employees to enterprise when married to treat, so enterprises must first employee as a family, we must understand the existing home, then home culture ", so the human resources workers as enterprises and employees to do is stand in the enterprise's point of view" established the resources to do the most worthwhile thing ", standing in the employee perspective" with the greatest efforts for maximum benefits, in fact, I want to say is the human resources workers not only is the enterprise and employees lubricant, hope you encourage each other!

This day, may kingsignal tomorrow better, kingsignal also wish all people happy, good luck in everything!

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