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Kingsignal chairman to talk about the choice of life

author:Admin time:2015/09/29

Today with colleagues sit together, originally to chat future kingsignal imagination, but the topic we Zheng total last have simple said. Today, I'd like to change the fundamentals to out of me, future kingsignal to become what appearance? This is a firm level, but the choice of the enterprise level is by numerous kingsignal constructed. So I want to talk with you about the choice of life, with my own experience as a reference. When each kingsignal people in accordance with the company's vision is to make a choice, I think kingsignal became we choose it to be like.

Before I started kingsignal, I also like here everyone, plays the role of one of the parts, in one company identify the location, light and heat. I once asked my second boss, is chairman of the Hamilton Sundstrand Zhuhai a question: "how can the a company do so well?" incidentally, my boss was a success is also very powerful, so in a certain extent, he has a near self confidence. But his answer surprised me, he said humbly: "I did so well, because I chose the right industry." Later, I asked my third boss, is also chairman of Hengtong photoelectric a similar problem, because the cable industry is very low profit margins, many enterprises do not dare to try, but he did it and it is very big, so I asked him: "in the cable industry so difficult to survive in the environment, why would you expect in this industry to do a business?" is to the contrary, my boss is very humble, but he used almost arrogant self-confidence answered and said to me: "not collapse of the industry, only beat people."

Perhaps here you are confused, their choice is the opposite, a choice of the booming industry, a chose a sunset industry depression cold, but they were all successful. Before it's time to start, I'm going to put on the cloak of opportunism. Choice is the existence of opportunity, the same choice in different historical opportunities of the results are not the same. A sunrise industry, in our market mechanism of the success of the system can be said to be inevitable, so I appreciate the vision of my second boss. A sunset industry, in our market mechanism of the success of the system can be said to be accidental, so I value my third boss insisted.

In fact, kingsignal led the way up to today, I will always learn from my boss before some excellent management experience. Like a viewpoint of Hengtong photoelectric boss "technology is to buy, management can also be bought. But the market is not buy." He applied this idea to the marketing and formed a kind of diversified marketing idea. Hengtong photoelectric at the group level has a sales channel, in molecular company has a sales channel, can also through private contracting of construction of a sales channel. So when I am in charge of sales, found the same single business could appear three Hengtong photoelectric team. At that time we have a few sales director and the company's manager on the molecular company to find our chairman of communication, said that this way is easy to cause internal struggle, is not it should be improved under the. Then our chairman said: "I am clear about the cause of this situation, it will lead to what kind of results I am also clear. In the future, I can use our sales data to prove to you, so this problem does not need to be discussed." We are at a loss about what to do, we rendered speechless. But the data show that Hengtong photoelectric sales data from 2001 1 billion to 2014 30 billion. So this theory I also study, I also asked us Li plant, the plant to build their own sales channels, with the headquarters to form a healthy competition.

OK, back to the original title, the choice of life. We will have a lot of choices in life, there are many options are complementary, there are a lot of choices are mutually exclusive, and today I want to tell you is that ability is important, but the right choice is more important.

Here are some colleagues said, why I only say that I am second, third boss, but not to mention my first boss. Okay, now we have a look. My first boss is the chairman of Zhuzhou chemical industry. He gives me 90 dollars a month. When I graduated from China, I can choose to fight in Shenzhen, can also choose to go home for. I chose the latter, the fact that I am not a man of ease. So it took me several years to return to my heart and listen to my heart, so I went down to Shenzhen. After arriving in Shenzhen, I interviewed two companies, a give me a month 300 yuan, a give me a month 1100 pieces, I choose the give me 300 block of Hamilton Sundstrand Zhuhai. Very strange, then I have a friend like you. I said to him: "300 can solve my problem of food and clothing, 1100 also can not let my quality of life how much improvement. I choose to Shenzhen to have is the ability and opportunity, and particularly the capacity, which I believe Hamilton Sundstrand Zhuhai can give me, so I am willing to 300 blocks. " So in kingsignal, instead of saying that I want to give you an ample salary, I would like to give you a broad development platform, I hope to give our young people a chance, let them get the ability to exercise, let them can and enterprises to achieve win-win, share the achievements benefit maximization.

In the business, I hope with you to share Confucius's words "forty fifty without smell Yan, Adams is also insufficient to fear also Yi!" from the word backstepping about. We want to want to do "smell", then if you are graduate. At most you and 17 years of hard work; if you are a master's degree, that you there is a maximum of 14 years of time of hard work; if you are graduated. At most you and 10 years time fight. Here also leads to a word, men fear into the wrong line, women are afraid to marry the wrong Lang had said these words when the social atmosphere is not allowed to divorce, so do you think men choose an industry like a woman choose a does not allow divorce to marry as. Because we only have so many years of time to struggle, so we choose the choice for our life is very important. So I have to congratulate here you, you choose a can change the human way of life of the communications industry, from the general direction, it is indeed a thriving! I would also like to congratulate here you, you choose the committed to accomplish much in signal interconnection areas of enterprise, in the long run, it really accomplish a great deal!

Any choice of time and space limit, if life is ten thousand years that and what failure and success?? here with everyone share my reading time to debate a point "arranged marriage is better than free love", since I left this idea, the fire of the masses never stopped. Here I want to share some of their ideas, we are not from the pursuit of freedom and moral. We will debate this proposition as "in marriage, parental choice is better than your choice" in my micro essay on love, marriage woman gold age is 18 years old to 30 years old, subdivided independently the golden age is 18 years old to 25 years old, you think you at this stage of your ability and vision can catch up with your parents? In fact, we have many people in the eyes of others and to select an object? How many people choose to follow the object is their inner demands. This selective? Has the limitation of time and space, so from this point of view I'm sure "arranged marriage is better than free love".

So when we have time and space constraints, our life all the success or failure are source to our own choice, thus I hope that you make your choices to calm down, to listen to their inner demands, and through fair and hope that these two points, as measured by standard rod.

Don't know whether you and I have the same feeling, the most in life can occupy our inner measure, is fair and hope, any conflicts after the outbreak of the reverse traceability, we can discovery is either unfair in either hopes. So in the shape of this idea, I have been eager to give my men the fair and hope, so that they are in a fair and hope the atmosphere becomes better and better. And I am not demanding their flawless, only hope that they can be a little better than the same industry competitors, so that we can achieve success.

On the choice of standard with you again extended a, why I lead kingsignal go now, each to a key point will be friends Dinglixiangzhu?? because I've been with a standard of choosing friends, do I get respect? - I will choose those to help my people exchanges in the spirit, ability, but only those who respect me I will choose to be their friend. But sometimes respect is need to win, so this is a kind of power that urges me, I want to make friends with him, I must constantly improve their ability and constantly open up their horizons, so that I met the friend is a help to me when I really need help of. This is a choice, this choice has brought a virtuous cycle, such a virtuous cycle can continue to enhance my own.

In our daily work when we will face a choice, we can spend time unsuccessfully for a whole day, we can also lotic brave voluntary efforts for a whole day. Now, I believe that in the kingsignal half of the leadership is not accurate judgment of his choice of a way. I am not criticizing what, I want to tell you a truth, just like I said to Zheng. When Zheng in a business from leadership to be frustrated when asked to me, "he is not so should accommodate the unexamined dawdle?" I said: "you must put your hand things with their own efforts to do the best, because your ability will give you the social value, and social criteria is not your present boss set, one day you will be recognized, because you always here!" so you see we home, he is the spontaneous choice to become a positive role model. Today he reached the height of have enough to overlooking before all the setbacks.

Say so much, not too system. Finally, to sum up, we subject on social inside of time and space constraints, we choose every time determines every segment of our success or failure, I hope each of you a choice to listen to their inner demands, I hope you do every time can in a fair and hope as the standard. Finally, I hope you can every choice with their own efforts to create a good result. Kingsignal. Each of you a staff level will affect the kingsignal, I hope you can appeal system to system thinking, kingsignal future imagination comes to you for the future prospect of, numerous kingsignal future choice constructs kingsignal to choice.

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