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Kingsignal general manager about the future


First need to present with you on a definition about the future, 2002 we for the future of imagination is - is committed to become a international standard discourse right RF cable, connector and its assembly one-stop solution expert. By 2014 we for the future of the imagination is - is committed to become a one-stop international standard voice signal interconnecting technology and scheme expert service to solve. Here is the future, planning before the technical innovation comes, is different from the vision to talk with eloquence. Kingsignal about the future, as the management of kingsignal who I want to say a lot, want to share with you a lot.


Recently we will stock? As for the country to offer the slogan in bullish market, this is an opportunity. For kingsignal, remember we may 2014 shares about 30 yuan in hover, and before the "ex dividend", shares of kingsignal successfully broken hundred. As we all know, the stock price reflects the expectations of the majority of shareholders of the company. In other words, the US kingsignal this team is to make the support in the capital market, we kingsignal ideal vision is to make the recognition in the capital market. So I hope you can appropriate self affirmation, to believe that the wonderful vision will happen in kingsignal.


Now we come with some future kingsignal in this will change the whole human communication communication industry will do what? My mouth communication industry is really so magical, imagine ten years ago, can you believe that people exchange through the micro channel shake began? Imagine ten years ago you can believe that unmanned technology can come true? Imagine ten years ago, can you believe that online shopping will be so timely and efficient change your shopping way? A lot you can not think of things, through technical innovation so magical and ordinary was born. I am very glad, because all the communication is the signal transmission, and we made the process of the transmission. We connect the world through dreams, we create value through struggle.


Next we in the whole industry chain from the bottom to describe, take a look at kingsignal to become what appearance: operators, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, subject to strict licensing control and other institutional mechanisms, the three games will continue to stabilize development. Unless you can subvert them, otherwise you will be without them; equipment integrators, Huawei, Ericsson, Alcatel - lucent, ZTE, from the past decade they Baotuan restructuring and strategic transfer, the future survival of perhaps only three; small system supporting, Yu, comba etc., a high degree of standardization and professional differences, from the scope covers our, but we want to surpass them in depth; with respect to the industrial chain in the remaining material suppliers, supplier of electronic components, we want to gain a foothold in the assembly module suppliers, customers provide signal in the field of Internet one-stop service.


Perhaps some people will ask to do what the product is important, in fact, is really important, although the human sea tactics in China has not been so prominent, but China's labor costs are still advantages in China has always been no shortage of capacity. So products and services of fists to attack how to sincere to meat? Choose the right products, the ultimate service, thus kingsignal choice what to do is very important.


That how to do it? From 02 years to 11 years, we have been very simple and crude, very glad that it is effective. Hand semi soft low loss two fist products, and then continue to seek customers, with high-quality customer requirements to improve their own, with the needs of the relevant customers to expand their own, with continuous research and development to enhance their own. What about 11 years later?

- 11 years in October, we set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in India, Brazil, Thailand;

- 12 years in January, we are holding Changzhou

Wujin Phoenix Communication Equipment Co., ltd.;

- 13 years in May, we invested in commercial factoring companies jinnuo;

- 13 years in July, we invested kingsignal Optical Fiber Co ltd;

- 15 years in January, we wholly acquired Changzhou kingsignal Phoenix City Communications Equipment Co. ltd.;

- in January 15, we acquired the PC SPECIALTIES-CHINA, LLC to hold Changzhou an Tylenol special printed board Co., Ltd., 50% of the shares.

- 15 years in May, we acquired Dongguan Hanyu Electronics Co. ltd.;


Comparison of before and after a series of movements, we can change where! Change in 11 years, we have listed, we began the process of kingsignal a monetary assets, we should from the previous simple internal development to make full use of raised capital bigger and stronger.


To be with international standard voice signal interconnecting technology and scheme of one-stop solution expert service road, kingsignal, there are a lot of things to do. Strategy we need a deep understanding of the rules of the game in the listed companies, make full use of the capital market in absorption of internalization on the basis of a series of mergers and acquisitions, dare in the acquisition of component level open hands and feet; tactics to say too many things too broad, is not a business salon can let everyone here can clear the, but there are still emphasize a few points: 


1. the target company's determination. Through the analysis of roe, Amphenol is 20%, 7% for Tyco, Belden is 1%, and the current kingsignal is 10%, we would like to do a Amphenol; 


2. the professional team is established. Kingsignal cable, connector started, but at present we are involved in integrated PCB board, light communication module, such as photoelectric conversion module in the team is weak. To seek professional talents to join, and then with the graduating students, to achieve the construction of talent echelon; 


3. the domestic and foreign markets, the military with the market. Military and civilian use, internal and external exchange, sold to foreign products to see if you can give domestic customers, some military products to see if it can not be achieved. Customer classification but does not distinguish, to sell our products to all the needs of customers. 


4. the cooperation of related research projects. In addition to us with Tsinghua University to do new nano thin film solar cell and industrialization process of research, and with Ningbo in laser and Optoelectronics Research done kingsignal optical communications technology R & D center, in investment cooperation in this cutting-edge technology, we still have to to constant, mastered the technology you to master the so-called international standard discourse right. 


5. personnel training and training methods. Through the determination of institutional mechanisms to achieve the growth of employees, to see their employees can enhance the sense of belonging, in order to achieve a win-win situation in a certain level of enterprises and employees. Effect of rotation on the staff is full of positive significance, but also to explore how to do;


I feel said this did not stop the, all aspects of the problem is the existence of, a problem only that may progress to in the company formed a ebb tide, in order to achieve the resources and opportunities given to those who are prepared. Company level to do addition and subtraction, what you want to do, find our strengths and opportunities of amplification stronger; individual level to do addition and subtraction, can not do everything you want, find their own strengths and interests amplification do; in life also hope you do good addition and subtraction, with the courage to change the things can be changed, with the mind to accept things that cannot be changed, use wisdom to distinguish between the two different.


Next time I'll give you some interest you, suit the remedy to the case, as manager of kingsignal I to be clear about some questions:


Q: Zheng, Hello! We kingsignal in business expansion is speeding up, I want to can no more technical exchange of learning, if our own products do not understand, and that the sale up cannot be so handy.


Answer: hello. Your question is very good, which means you still have a good advantage to learn. But learning the process is spontaneous, when we have a new business we will organize professional learning, like a long time ago we acquired Dongguan Hanyu will arrange corresponding technical and sales over with us explain their product line and vantage point where. But I want to say is, you have to learn spontaneously, to participate in our communication with the problem, so as to be targeted.


Q: Zheng Zong, Hello! As a listing Corporation, we will be the staff of the equity incentive to do it?


Answer: hello. Your question is very real, but I don't think there is a listing Corporation. Here I want to say is that if you believe in those beautiful vision will kingsignal occurs, then I believe that these good equity incentive will you happen. When we went public, gave all the core backbone in order to inspire, but it is clear that there is no need to say. So when we're in the stock price, I'm sure they're sorry. Here I want to say, we will treat each of us with the brothers and sisters. Future kingsignal whither not we sit here imagination can come to a conclusion, the future is practiced in the US every kingsignal manpower.


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