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Optical Passive Connector
Optical Passive Connector
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J599A8 Series Optical Connector


Different shell materials and plating, applicable for different environments

Five-key way orientation, blind mating, anti mis-mating function

Tri-start thread quick coupling with anti-loose mechanism

Ceramic ferrule and sleeve to achieve precise mating

Various termination alternative types

Adapter (hermetic type optical) without optical cable bondage


Technical Performance:

Insertion loss: ≤0.6dB

Operating temperature: -55℃~+85℃

Vibration: 10Hz~2000Hz, power chart density 0.4G²/Hz, acceleration RMS 23.1

Shock 2940 m/s², duration 3ms, speed rate of change 2.96m/s

Endurance: 500 cycles

Tensile strength: ≥68N(2mm patch cord)

Hermetic performance(for hermetic adapter): air leakage≤1*10-9Pa.m3/s, 1 atmosphere differential pressure

Salt spray: ≥1000h(stainless steel, cadmium plating), ≥48h(nickel plating)