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Power Cable
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Technical Characteristics

• Fiber count: 2~144.

• Low loss, low dispersion.

• Proper design, precise excess length control and cabling process offer excellent mechanical and environmental properties to cable.

• Non-metallic construction design gives cable strong resisting capability against electromagnetic interference.

• High-strength aramid yarn as strength member offers very high tensile strength, small diameter and light weight to fit different climate conditions and laying spans.

• Special anti-tracking (AT) outer sheath (optional) makes cable have strong electro-erosion resistance capability.




• Typically  used  in  areas  with  high  electrical  field  strength  or  frequent  lightning  in  the  power  communication transmission system.

• The technical parameters are subject to different fiber counts, climate conditions (e.g. temperature, wind speed, ice coat thickness), laying spans, voltage classes of power lines, etc.