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Optical Fiber
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• Model:G.657.A2

• Standard:Complies with or exceed the technical specifications in ITU-T G.657.A1/A2/B2.

• Feature:Minimum bend radius 7.5mm, superior anti-bending property.Fully compatible with G.652 single-mode fiber.Full band (1260~1626nm) transmission.Low PMD for high bit-rate and long distance transmission.Extremely low micro-bending attenuation,applicable for all optical cable types including ribbon cable.High anti-fatigue parameter ensures service life under small bending radius.

• Application:All cable constructions, 1260~1626nm full band transmission, FTTH high speed optical routing, optical cable in small bend radius, small-size optical fiber cable and device, L-band.


Technical Parameter

  Fiber Property  Main Indexes  Technical Parameter 
 Geometrical Dimensions   Cladding diameter   125.0±0.7um
  Cladding non-circularity   ≤1%
  Coating diameter   245±7 um
  Coating/cladding non-concentricity error   ≤12 um
  Coating non-circularity   ≤6%
  Core/cladding concentricity error   ≤0.6 um
  Fiber curl (radius)   ≥4 m
  Optical Characteristics   MFD(1310nm)   9.2±0.4 um
  MFD(1550nm)   10.4±0.5 um
  Attenuation at 1310nm   ≤0.35 dB/km
  Attenuation at 1383nm   ≤0.35 dB/km
  Attenuation at 1550nm   ≤0.21 dB/km
  Attenuation at 1625nm   ≤0.23 dB/km
  Max. attenuation at 1285-1330nm, compared to that at 1550nm   ≤0.03 dB/km
  Max. attenuation at 1525-1575nm, compared to that at 1550nm   ≤0.02 dB/km
  Attenuation discontinuity at 1310nm   ≤0.05 dB
  Attenuation discontinuity at 1550nm   ≤0.05 dB
  PMD   ≤0.2 ps/(km1/2)
  PMDq   ≤0.1 ps/(km1/2)
  Zero-dispersion wavelength   1312±12 nm
  Zero-dispersion slope   ≤0.091 ps/(
  Dispersion at 1550nm   ≤17 ps/(
  Dispersion at 1625nm   ≤22 ps/(
  Cable cutoff wavelength λc    ≤1260 nm
 Mechanical Property   Prooftest level   1%
  Dynamic fatigue    ≥20
  Coating strip force  Average value   1.7 N
 Peak value   1.3-8.9 N
  Environmental Property   Temperature attenuation (-60℃-±85℃, two cycles, at 1550nm)   ≤0.05 dB/km
  Temperature-humidity cycling attenuation (85±2℃, relative humidity≥85%, 30 days, at 1550nm)   ≤0.05 dB/km
  Water immersion attenuation (23±5℃, 30 days, 1550nm)   ≤0.05 dB/km
  Dry heat aging attenuation (85±2℃,relative humidity 50%, 30 days, 1550nm)   ≤0.05 dB/km
  Bending Property   10 turns, 15mm radius, at 1550nm   ≤0.03 dB
  10 turns, 15mm radius, at 1625nm   ≤0.1dB
  1 turn, 10mm radius, at 1550nm   ≤0.1dB
  1 turn, 10mm radius, at 1625nm   ≤0.2dB
  1 turn, 7.5mm radius, at 1550nm   ≤0.2dB
  1 turn, 7.5mm radius, at 1625nm    ≤0.5dB