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Butterfly Optical Cable
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• Good mechanical and environmental performance.

• Small size, light weight, compact construction.

• Flame retardance meets relevant standards.

• Mechanical property of Jacket meets relevant standards.

• Optical fiber(s)  is placed between two strength members, with excellent crush and tensile resistance.

• Excellent anti-bending property when G.657 bending insensitive fiber is applied.

• Applicable for drop cable in pipeline or overhead to building.


Technical Parameter

Fiber CountCable Size(mm)Cable Weight(kg/km)Tensile Load
Crush Load
Temperature Range
1-4 6.3 33 300 600 1000 2200 -40~+60

Note:1. Minimum bend radius: for B6 fiber, 10D under dynamic bending and 5D under static bending. (D is overall diameter of round cable.)2. All the data in the table are for reference and subject to change without notification.