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• Good mechanical and environmental performance.

• Good crush resistance and flexibility.

• High strength, light weight, easy to splice and install, support high capacity data transmission.

• Applicable for military, field, severe environment.

• Applicable for temporary cabling and repeated use.

• Jacket material: TPU or other agreed ones.

• Customized design is available.


Technical Parameter

Fiber CountCable Size
Cable Weight
Tensile Load
Crush Load
Temperature Range
2 7.5 37 600 1200 1000 2200 -30~+60
4 8.4 48 600 1200 1000 2200
6 9.5 66 600 1200 1000 2200

Note: 1. Minimum bend radius: for B1.1, B1.3, B4 single mode fiber and multi-mode fiber, 20D under dynamic bending and 10D 

under static bending; for B6 fiber, 10D (dynamic) and 5D (static). (D is overall diameter of round cable)

2. The data of cable size and weight are calculated according to ф2.0 single-fiber cable.

3. All the data in the table are for reference and subject to change without notification.