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Power Cable
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    Halogen free, shielded and flexible connecting cable for use in telecom equipment where there are requirements for low inductance and good temperature resistance. Suitable in areas that require high electromagnetic compatibility.
    Grey jacket for indoor use. Black jacket is sunlight resistance, for outdoor use.

    Construction Specification

      Item  Material  Diameter(mm)
      Inner Conductor   3 parallel stranded tin annealed copper   3-(31×0.287±0.004) TC
      Dielectric   LSZH   (3.2±0.2)×(6.4±0.2)
      Cabling   Parallel 
      Shield   Un-bonded double AI foil+tinned copper braiding
      Jacket   Grey LSZH-material   A=9.4(+1.0,-0.3)

    Electrical Characteristics

      Test voltage(KV)   ≤3.39
      Conductor resistance(Ω/km)   ≥2.0
      Insulation resistance   ≥2.0
      Inductance L µH/m   ≤0.40

    Mechanical and Environmental Characteristics

      Temperature range(℃)   -20 to +90
      Weight   193
      Tensile strength of dielectric and jacket(MPa)   ≥10
      Elongation at 100% break   ≥125%
      ROHS Compliant product   ①IEC60032-3 Cat C
      ③UL 1685