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SMA connectors are a type of mini coaxial connectors designed according to the standard of MIL-C-39012, IEC 60169-15 and CECC 22110/22111. These products are of thread connecting mechanism and high frequency and can provide the broadband from DC to 18GHz and are characterized by low-frequency reflection and an impedance of 50Ω. The main features of this series are high mechanical strength, high durability and low-voltage VSWR. They are of long span, superior performance and high reliability and can be widely used to connect RF coaxial cables or micro-wave in the RF circuits of base stations, cable assemblies, components, instruments and meters, military use, computer procedure control and digital communications equipment.

Primary Technical Characteristics

  Elecreical Performance  Material and Mechanical Performance
  Characteristic Impedance   50Ω     Center Contact   Pin   Brass   Gold Plating
  Frequency Range   DC~18GHz     Socket   Beryllium Copper   Gold Plating
  Rated Voltage   335V rms     Body and Other Metal Parts   Brass/Stainless Steel   Gold plating / Passivation
  Dielectric Strength Voltage   1000V rms     Elastic Part     Beryllium Copper   Gold Plating
  VSWR   ≤1.05+0.1f(GHz)     Insulator     PTFE or LCP  
  Seal Ring     Silicon Rubber  
  Contact Resistance   ≤3mΩ   Center Contact   Temperature Range     -65℃ ~+165℃  
  ≤2mΩ   Outer Contact   Durability     500 times  
  Insulation Resistance   ≥5000MΩ            
  Insertion Loss   ≤0.06√f(GHz)dB          



  Part Number  Cable Type  Notes



  Part Number  L1  L2  L  d  D
  SMA-KHD1   10.0   4.2   17.7   1.0   1.1
  SMA-KHD2   11.0   3.0   34.0   0.8   0.9
  SMA-KHD3   11.0   3.0   29.0   0.8   0.9



  Part Number  A  Notes
  SMA-KHD9   2.0   
  SMA-KHD9A   1.8  
  SMA-KHD9B   2.2