Stock Code:300252.SZ

Primary Technical Characteristics

  Elecreical Performance  Material and Mechanical Performance
  Characteristic Impedance   50Ω     Center Contact   Pin   Beryllium Copper   Gold Plating
  Frequency Range   DC~26.5GHz     Socket   Beryllium Copper   Gold Plating
  Rated Voltage   335V rms     Body and Other Metal Parts   Brass/Stainless Steel   Gold plating / Passivation
  Dielectric Strength Voltage   500V rms     Elastic Part     Beryllium Copper   Gold Plating
  VSWR   ≤1.10   DC~3GHz   Insulator   Unthreaded Hole   PTFE  
  ≤1.15   3GHz~6GHz   Meshing Force & separating force   Half Escapement   9N max   2.2N
  ≤1.30   6GHz~26.5GHz   Escapement   45N max   9N min
  Contact Resistance   ≤6.0mΩ   Center Contact   Unthreaded Hole   68N max    22N min
  ≤2.0mΩ   Outer Contact   Durability   Half Escapement   1000次  
  Insulation Resistance   ≥5000MΩ     Escapement   500次   
  Insertion Loss   ≤0.05√f(GHz)dB       100次   



  Part Number  Cable Type  Notes
  SMP-J201A-F/L   SFT-50-2-51  



  Part Number  Cable Type  Notes
  SMP-J201B-S/L/F   SFT-50-2-51