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Micro Rectangular Electrical Connector


J30J Series Twist Pin Micro Rectangular Connector

Conform to GJ2446(equivalent to MIL-C-83513)
Male contact uses elastic twisted pin
High density contact, 1.27mm pattern
9~144 contacts, 11 different types
Termination can be modified to adjust to ? contact pattern for PCB

Technical Performance:
Operating temperature: -55
Rated current: 3A
Contact resistance: ≤20mΩ
Insulation resistance: Normal≥5000mΩ
Heat & damp≥100mΩ
Withstanding voltage: 800V
Vibration: Frequency 10~2000Hz  Acceleration 196 m/s2
Impact: Acceleration 735m/s2
Salt spray: 96h(1000h for J30JS series)
Acceleration: 735m/s2
Durability: 500 cycles
Air leakage index(only for J30J series sealing products, under an atmosphere): J30JM series: 5*10-3Pa.cm3/s; J30JM1, J30JMD1 series: 1*10-3Pa.cm3/s