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Micro Rectangular Electrical Connector


J29 Series Micro Rectangular Electrical Connector

Metallic shell
Contact spacing 1.91mm, row spacing 1.65mm
Plug with elastic twisted wire pins and with receptacle rigid sockets
Number of contacts: 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37 for two-row; 51, 66 for three-row
Various locking devices and rear end cable clamp optional
According to shell mounting flange width, plug and receptacle are classified as: General (wide)-A type (narrow) and –A1 type (width between general and A type)
Various types of termination: crimp, soldering, Straight PCB and Right angle PCB

Technical Performance:
Operating temperature: -55
Vibration: 10~2000Hz, 196 m/s2
Impact: 1200m/s2, 6ms
Rated current: 5A
Insulation resistance: ≥5000mΩ
Withstanding voltage: 1500V DC
Durability: 500 cycles
Hermetic parameters (Applicable for J29M Series Product)
Watertight: differential pressure of one bar, no air bubble during inspection in water
Hermetic: 1*10-1Pa.cm3/s (differential pressure of one bar)