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Micro Rectangular Electrical Connector


J24D Series Micro Rectangular Electrical Connector

Conform to GJB2446
Elastic twisted wire pin, gold plating
Applicable wire cross section of 0.12~0.2mm2
Metallic shielding shell with cable clamps and locking devices
Small volume, reliable contact and quick locking and release
Numbers of contacts 9, 19, 25, 37, 52 and 74
Plug and receptacle can be loaded with pins or sockets
Applied in electrical connection between various military electronic equipment

Technical Performance:
Operating temperature: -55
Relative humidity: 40
, 95%
Vibration: frequency 10~2000Hz acceleration 254m/s2
Impact: acceleration 980m/s2
Crush: acceleration 400m/s2, 4000 cycles
Centrifuge: acceleration 980m/s2
Rated current: 3A
Withstanding voltage: normal 600V, heat damp 100V
Insulation resistance: normal≥1000mΩ
                  heat damp≥100mΩ
Contact coupling size: Φ0.7mm
Contact resistance: ≤9mΩ
Durability: 1000 cycles