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Micro Rectangular Electrical Connector


J36A Series Rectangular Connector


Small size, high density
Contact number: 9~74
Double-safety latching device with high reliability
Termination type for plug: soldering with clamping wire jacket
Termination type for receptacle: soldering, PCB soldering and with wire jacket

Technical Performance:
Operating temperature: -55
RH: 40
, 90%~95%
Vibration: 10~50Hz, amplitude 2.5mm
         50~2000Hz, acceleration 245m/s2
Acceleration: 980 m/s2
Impact: 980 m/s2
Salt spray: 48h
Contact size: Φ1
Rated current: 5A
Withstanding voltage: normal 1000V, damp condition 500V, high altitude 250V
Insulation resistance: normal≥5000mΩ, high temperature≥500mΩ, humidity≥50mΩ
Contact resistance: before endurance test≤6mΩ, after endurance test≤10mΩ
Endurance: 500 cycles