Stock Code:300252.SZ


• Small size, light weight, compact construction, easy to strip without tool for its special groove design, easy to install.

• Special  flexibility design, suitable for indoor and terminal installation where cable may be bended repeatedly.

• Optical fiber(s)  is placed between two strength members, with excellent crush and tensile resistance.

• Excellent anti-bending property when G.657 bending insensitive fiber is applied, no influence on transmission loss when the cable is installed at turnings indoors or in small spaces.

• Flame retardant LSZH jacket for indoor use.

• Avoid leading lightning indoors when entire non- metallic structure is applied.


Technical Parameter

Fiber Count Cable Size
Cable Weight
Tensile Load
Crush Load
Temperature Range
1 3.0×2.0 9 40 80 500 1000 -40~+60
2 3.0×2.0 9 40 80 500 1000
3 3.0×2.0 9 40 80 500 1000

Note:1. Minimum bend radius: for B6 fiber, 10H under dynamic bending and 5H under static bending. (H is the minor axis 

height of flat cable.)

2. All the data in the table are for reference and subject to change without notification.